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Игорь Синицын

…Жизнь прекрасна потому, что можно путешествовать…

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The "Revival" expedition linkup across the Bennq strait
Игорь Синицын

„NEWS FROM UKRAINE" март 1990 г. №13


In 1990-1992 the Geographic Society of tie Ukrainian SSR, the Republic’s Charity and Health Foundation, the "Culture and Ocean" Center under the Soviet Cultural Foundation and a number of other public organizations are planning to carry out a multistage ski expedition in the area of tho Chukot Peninsula (USSR) and Alaska (USA) , crossing drifting ices of the Bering Strait.

The expedition's main goal, except carrying out applied and scientific tasks of the interested organizations, is also to attract public attention to the issues of cultural and historical heritage, fo revive traditional cultural links between the population of fhe Pacific coast of the USSR and the USA, to develop new ways of citizen diplomacy.

The team comprises who have sufficient experience of polar travels he Агctiс region of the Soviet Union.

The expedition is dedicated fo the 250th anniversary of Alaska's discovery and the 350th anniversary of the Russian explorers' reaching to the Pacific coast.

The expedition's organizing committee goes on looking for partners, able to sponsor fhe project.

The expedition is ready to use, during the ski passage, fhe symbols, trademarks and goods of sponsoring organizations in order to advertise fhe sponsors.

The organizing committee is able to include into the ski team two explorers from the USA and Canada, who would have an opportunity to carry out their applied and scientific programs.

Please send your ideas and proposals, regarding the arrangement and carrying out of the expedition, to the Nwes from Ukraine editorial office (marked "REVIVAL EXPEDITION"), or to the expedition manager to the following address: Ihor Sinitsyn, apt. 13,13 Arfyleriy-sky Lane, Kiev-113, 252113, USSR.

Tel.: 446 6252 (home), 441 9266 (office).